It is, till it isn’t.

Right now I’m really really trying to live by the idea that

“It is, what it is, till it isn’t”

I look back at posts from last year and I knew I would be okay, while at the same time I couldn’t bear the idea of letting go of the story I had already written in my head.

Right now a large piece of my anxiety stems from the idea that I don’t know what’s next. And when I start trying to script the next part of my story I completely freak out. I’m not afraid of much outside of my house anymore. I can go and do and live like never before. . .but figuring out what my tomorrow will look like is the thing that scares me most right now.

What if this person gets angry with me and I lose them, or that dynamic changes, or . . .What if the bottom drops out again.

I keep forgetting that I don’t need to know what my tomorrow will look like. I don’t need to plan all of my everythings. It’s in my nature, it’s who I revert back to when times are stressful, but in reality it makes things harder for me.

The journey is more important than the destination.

Sit down, stop thinking, and just enjoy.

It is, what it is, till it isn’t.

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