Sticky Wheels Don’t Turn

CN:  Really Real Mental Health Post

Here we go again.

My brain is stuck.

I’ve been home from NY for an entire week and keep putting off meal planning, finding one reason or another that we can just make due with what we have and piece together this or that or grab meals on the run.

I know it saves money and makes me feel better when I cook.  I feel a sense of purpose when I plan meals out and put the time and effort into feeding us.  It makes me feel amazing to take an idea, put it on the calendar, list the ingredients, buy them, make it into great food that I’d spend 10 times as much for in a restaurant, and have us eat it without pants on.

I swear that being able to eat without pants is the best part!  Who wants to put on pants (or a skirt) for great food!

But my brain is stuck.

I have the meal ideas but I can’t find the motivation to put them on the calendar and plan out the ingredients that we need and go to the store.  I know that once we have everything here I probably wont have a problem doing the actual cooking.

I’m not depressed, I’m not even getting depressed from what I can tell.  This isn’t really laziness, I’m getting things done in other areas of my life, I’m doing more difficult things with my time.  I want to do this but it’s like this mental block where I come up against it and my brain detours to something else.

Lets clean the entire basement instead.

Lets organize the spare room.

Seriously, two things I decided to do BEFORE meal planning this weekend.  I easily could have put them off because planning meals is an important thing.  It’s not laziness.

It just dawned on me, that I know what works.  Right now I’m looking at it as one big job.  If I plan out the calendar for the next week or two, I have to make the shopping list, and grocery shop, and and and. . . .

What if I just plan out the calendar and start there, with permission to stop after that.

I know that there’s a good chance I’ll keep going, and if I don’t, that’s fine too, step one is done at least.

Brains are screwy sometimes.  I know what works but when I need it, I can’t always remember it.  It seems like it happens to the best of us.

Time to go fill out my calendar with some meals for the next week or two.

Who is coming over for dinner?

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