Second Chances

Really Real Love Post

The other day I apologized for saying “I love you” too often.  I try to tell her frequently when it crosses my mind.  And I think “I’m in love” or some variation of it, many, many, times a day.

I also tell her how beautiful and cute and she is, because if I think it 20 times, I’m going to tell her at least half of them.

And when she does something that makes me feel amazing, or cared for, or loved, or something I appreciate, I tell her those things too.

And sometimes I think I tell her too many things, and like it might sound like I’m trying too hard.  Except I’m not trying to do anything, I’m just telling her what I’m thinking.

The other day my doctor was running late because she had to cover for another doctor and she said “I would have scheduled my time differently, if I had to do it again.  But that’s how it always is, in hindsight.”

I have a second chance that I never wanted.  In hindsight, I wouldn’t have held back.  Loving is easy sometimes, and harder sometimes, but maybe we don’t verbalize love enough all of the times.  Maybe we think they know, or think if we say it too much it’ll cheapen it.

But how does telling someone how you feel, more often, change the meaning behind the words?

I wouldn’t wish my loss on anyone, but I wish everyone could learn what I’ve learned.

I’m so completely in love, and I don’t want a moment to pass where she would doubt that.  I want her to know that I love her when I’m grumpy and when things are great, when I’m sad and when I’m happy, when we’re fussy with each other and when we’re having the best times.

I don’t want there to ever be a moment that we leave love in question.

Take the time to tell those around you that you love them.  And if it’s out of character for you, maybe that’s something you want to change?  Maybe not, and that’s okay too, but it’s worth thinking about.  What if your loved one died tomorrow, would they really know?

I love that you all take the time to read what I write.

But not the same way I love my girl.

Cause I really do love her, so much.

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