Leaving . . . On A Jet Plane

This is a Really Real Mental Health Post.

And I jump all over the place and don’t really have a central topic.

Okay, so I’m not really going on a plane, more like a Greyhound Bus, but that’s not how the song goes.

I forget that I can hop on a bus for next to nothing and go visit one of my best friends a few states away.  Every time I go and see her and the baby, I swear I’m coming back soon, and then I let life and bills and money get in the way and I forget.  It isn’t that big of a deal to just go for a few days.

And it does amazing things for my mood every time.  It’s the reset I need.

So, when I realized that it was going to be two months before Wonder Woman and I could drive up there (too long!), I started looking into going next weekend.

I’m still dealing with this mixed episode, so I’m weighing out every decision two or three times.  Is this decision based in wise mind or is it irrational.  I’m using lots of DBT skills to keep myself grounded and to go against what I want to do when it isn’t a wise choice.  It’s nice to see the skills in action.

A funny example of mixed mood.  I’m still cooking just fine, making great dinners like I do, feeding us good food.  At the same time, I can’t find the drive to do the dishes.  I am sometimes working around dishes that are getting spread out across the kitchen counter.  Must cook all of the amazing foods, can’t wash one dish!

Eventually I used my “just wash a few, you don’t have to do them all” trick to get started and I was able to get most of them done.  Until I cook again.

I fill out a mood diary card every night for DBT group.  Even on the rough days where mobility has been an hour or two late, my emotions aren’t getting completely out of control.  I’m staying within a few points of mid-line, my suicidal thoughts have been almost non existent and very fleeting.  The med increase seems to be keeping this mood episode under control.  It’s still there, I feel it, but it’s completely manageable.

I write often when things are in one direction or the other, so writing a “life is just, typical” post, seems strange.  But it’s nice to have these calm days and sometimes I forget to pay attention to them.

6 thoughts on “Leaving . . . On A Jet Plane

  1. enjoy your get away!
    On the matter of dishes… I can relate. Sometimes I’m really good at getting them done, by hand or putting them in the dishwasher, but as of late I just loathe it. I really do. I’ve been asking others to empty the dishwasher for me. Usually I do dishes by hand if there are just a few in the sink, but I have just been tossing them in the dishwasher. I’m over the mixed mood finally, but hypomania has stepped up to the plate…again. It’s not exactly pleasant. This round I’ve got mad sleep issues. I long for the stability I once had not so long ago.


    • We don’t have a dishwasher, and with my fibro/arthritis, letting them build up is the WORST thing I can do to myself. My normal routine is to clean the kitchen in the morning while my coffee brews, then it never piles up. I hate when I get thrown off because playing catch up is never fun.

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      • I feel ya. I would be so lost without my dishwasher. The fibro hits me bad in my shoulder and I’ve got arthritis in my lower back. on bad days my back spasms and I cry just standing, no way I can do them by hand. Do you have anyone that can help?
        Just when you are having a rough time?


  2. Getting away from home for a while can be good for you, like taking a trip or going on a vacation, but especially if its to see a friend. Doing dishes is no fun; I let mine pile up, too. The first thing I did this morning was wash a sink full of dirty ones. I don’t have a dishwasher, either. No fun at all.


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