Monday Question of the Day!



If you could convince everyone in the world to do one thing at least once, what would it be?

I would convince everyone to do a professional photo shoot.  Photos are so important and no matter how many reasons you convince yourself that you need to wait to be thinner, happier, have a better home, better reason, better clothes, more money, etc.  Just get the photos done.  I’m so glad my fiancee and I went and I really wish my late wife and I would have made the time/found the money to get a set done at least once.


5 thoughts on “Monday Question of the Day!

  1. What a lovely photo of the two of you, one you will cherish for years to come. Congrats on your engagement!!!
    To answer your question of what if I could convince others to do one thing at least once, what would that be?
    In all honesty, I would like this to be an everyday thing, not just once. I would like others to be kind to one another daily. Kindness goes a long way and doesn’t cost anything. 😊

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