April 2, 2019 Question of the Day

What would your ideal room look like?

Pick any room you like, bedroom, living room, kitchen, craft room, etc. and describe it.

My ideal living room would be a large room with waist high shelving of varying types.  Book shelves, cube shelves and some larger shelving areas.  On top of the shelves would be cushions and blankets for cozy areas to relax and read or watch TV and game.

One whole wall would be windows with the other walls open for family pictures and various posters, artwork, craft projects, etc. to be hung.

There would be computer space with an attached crafting space for me (a large L shaped area) and then a TV space with all of the various gaming systems for Wonder Woman.  All in close enough proximity to each other that we were still spending time together while having enough room for our own projects.  Siah (the Yorkie with no chill) would have her own little chill out area with her dog bed and blankets tucked away in a little nook between us.

What would your ideal room look like?

4 thoughts on “April 2, 2019 Question of the Day

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