Day 8

This is a Really Real Mental Health post.

I woke up today feeling like it was a better day.

It was a late start, but I felt good.

I made my morning coffee, my morning smoothie, and I sat down to craft.

I cut out the pieces for four copies of one of the more intricate cards I’m doing.

I washed the dishes.

I was feeling really good.

And I put the first card together.

And started to drag. The pieces for 3 more were sitting there and I just didn’t want to start on them.

I climbed in bed to cuddle with Wonder Woman.

And she decided to take a nap.

I stayed in bed, awake, for over two hours. Not tired enough to sleep, but too blah to be out of bed.

I just booked a cabin on a lake for my 40th birthday. A 4 day vacation that I’m both looking forward to,

and not all that excited about.

I mean, I am definitely happy that we get to go away.

That I’m home to celebrate my 40th.

But I just can’t feel the joy.

It’s stuck behind the fog.

Now the pieces for 3 more cards are staring at me.

Pieces that will surely be knocked around by a playful kitten if I don’t put them together.

So even though I feel no interest, I’m going to grab the glue and start assembling.

Hopefully some joy will find me while I’m working.

Hopefully I can find my way out of this fog.

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