Day 18

This is a Really Real Mental Health post.

Today was my day off.


No social plans.

No doctors appointments.

I spent most of the day bored.

Unable to settle on any of the million things I could be doing.

I still have cards to make.

I still have cleaning to do.

I have a million and one projects on the computer I could be working on.

But nothing held my interest.

The inability to enjoy things is part of the lingering depression.

But it’s not as bad as it was.

We went out and got bagels for lunch.

We tried to get coffee but our normal Starbucks was closed for the afternoon.

I’ve already taken my night meds, then remembered I hadn’t yet written today.

I have PHP tomorrow, then a walk with a friend, followed by my yearly checkup.

Super busy all day.

Hopefully it’ll keep me from taking so many naps.

I’m fading fast tonight.

The sleep meds swirling around in my brain making me drowsy.

Hopefully I sleep through without tossing and turning.

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

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