Who Am I?

In June of 2016 I went to bed a wife and woke up a suicide widow.


That was not what I had planned and I don’t handle change well.  So, I did what I do best.  I made a bunch of grief laden posts on facebook, and shared a bunch of memes, and then I started kicking my own ass into gear with the help of a bunch of really supportive people who started showing up as I started becoming who I was meant to be.

My late wife, Parker, and I, along with our Kidlet had been through a lot of trauma.  I’m now spending my time healing it, while also moving forward.  I’m working on living well with my own mental illness, while fighting the stigma out there against grief, mental health, and suicide.  I speak my story and live my truth and the louder and bolder I am the more of my people keep showing up, while others who can’t keep up have moved on to what works best for them.

At some point those grief laden posts turned into longer and longer posts that took on more of a blog format and I began moving them here.